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The Face of a New Enemy

The Next Decade: Amplifying the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, Cyber Violence, Internet Recruiting and Links to Female Terrorism.   The landscape of conflict continues to look very different. Our enemy in this world of cyber can be […]

The Stress of the Nigeria’s Middle Belt

The North East has been ravaged by Boko Haram and the effects have rippled primarily in to surrounding countries. What has not been reported widely is the stress and effects on what is known as the “middle belt”. […]

The Role of Women in Defeating Boko Haram

There is no doubt that the most recent attacks we have seen in Nigeria, France and Mali have continued to raise the consciousness of many and highlight the complexities of a new wave of terrorism. Further, what strikes […]

The Need for an African Fusion Center

BLUF • Armed assaults against hotels and other soft targets are fairly easy to plan and execute • Have a direct correlation with providing high impact for low input • Although the presence of westerners is an important […]

HGIn to Africa

Our team, coupled with our wealth of knowledge on and experience in Africa-related research and analysis distinguish us as thought leaders in Africa-focused intelligence. HG consultants spread across the African continent and abroad in to Europe and the […]