Our Capabilties​

We are innovators, We are disruptive, We are the other 50 percent.

Committed to Mission

HGI delivers critical services to government and commercial customers by addressing challenges posed by near-peer competitors. 


We’re a Woman-Owned Small Business with an 8(a) certification specializing in intelligence services and support, and we’re proud of our unparalleled access and experience in grey zones from Africa to the Indo-Pacific. In response to the messy and increasingly dangerous security challenges emerging in the East, we’ve adopted the principles of irregular warfare: we think critically, act aggressively and operate differently.


The shift from counterinsurgency to the conventional threat means an exponential increase in the complexity of the battlespace. Which is why we are developing and integrating cost-effective technologies that support initiatives in some of the most challenging domains, including space, electronic warfare and psychological operations. 


We’re not burdened by the legacy programs or technologies that are unable to adapt to evolving threats. Instead, we acquire and aggregate unique datasets in a user-friendly platform to provide decision-makers the most accurate and timely information available. 


To get our customers what they need when they need it, we’ve created a first-of-its-kind laboratory for new intelligence tools. Our software development “sandbox” provides government clients a space to test and integrate products and gives developers an opportunity to receive end-user feedback and achieve a path to acquisition and authorization to operate (ATO). 


And to support the intelligence cycle in theater, we’re building some of the world’s most advanced sensitive compartmented information facilities in high-priority areas of responsibility. 


We’re not going about this alone: we’re taking every opportunity to collaborate with global partners to achieve a decisive advantage in the competitive near-peer environment. 


Our agility and versatility are by design; they give us the freedom to meet immediate demands, anticipate tomorrow’s needs and stay ahead of changing national security priorities. 


HGI offers comprehensive intelligence support services, including rapidly-deployed classified fusion centers, specialized analytics software and unique datasets to help our clients address the most complex intelligence-related challenges.


We are no longer waiting for space in space.
HGI provides comprehensive space-based services to predict, monitor and solve complex problems as part of the New Space Economy. Our technical and analytical products benefit advancements in public safety, energy, environment, transportation, supply chain and consumer goods.


HGI's approach to Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) is simple: our subject matter experts combine their expertise in processing, exploitation and dissemination (PED) with raw capture from signals and geospatial data and open sources. We produce timely and accurate intelligence products to support decision-makers.


HGI brings a unique perspective to information operations: ours is one that challenges conventional methodologies to better understand social and political risks associated with operational or investment decisions. The HGI team has decades of experience developing communications strategies to promote client objectives and counter disinformation campaigns.


Hayes Group presents HGI 360, a full-spectrum offering of strategic consulting, business development and capture services. HGI 360 positions firms to increase probability of winning (PWin) through market entry strategy, strategic partnering, key customer engagement and a clear understanding of work requirements.