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TikTok, Targeting, and Why You Should Care

BLUF: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is probably using TikTok as a digital targeting tool to aid in Beijing’s espionage efforts in the government and commercial spaces. Personal data collected from the app can be used to conduct […]

Six Fatal Mistakes Russia Has Made in Ukraine

  Kyiv Ain’t Damascus: Russia’s Failed Transition from Counterinsurgency to the Conventional Fight    It’s satisfying to watch the Russian military faceplant on the world stage. Vladimir Putin’s forces have thus far failed to hold key terrain, gain air […]

Russia, China: Putin and Xi’s Conditional Bromance

WHAT HAPPENED Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping met in Uzbekistan on September 15, the first time the two had met in person since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Remarks from the authoritarians were mutually endorsing where interests aligned; however, […]

4 Reasons China Will Lose the New Cold War Space Race

    The high ground has provided a tactical advantage since the dawn of warfare: he who controls the high ground controls the battlespace. Elevation provides superior observation and fields of fire; it’s why infantry regiments raced to […]