Information Gateways & data centers

HGI offers customized information gateways that hide in plain sight, enabling clients to place their intelligence nodes at points of friction. We have engineered and installed modular sensitive compartmentalized information facilities (SCIFs) as large as 13,000 square feet and in as little as five months. HGI stands ready to design and deploy overt and clandestine infrastructure solutions in the world’s most austere environments. 



Our comprehensive assessment process covers organizational, environmental and procurement-related requirements; we collaborate with our clients and partners to understand and address specific technical needs.


Overt or clandestine, we design a complete modular solution to best meet our customers' operational challenges.


We leverage our network of experienced subject matter experts to build, modify and install custom facilities. Our models allow for the redeployment of facilities, should the client's mission dictate. We have deployed solutions in as little as two months after finalizing designs.